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Abortion Facts Webquest


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First divide in to four groups.  Each group will receive a situation and have to choice whether the person in the situation should have an abortion or not. Each group will be response able for creating a poster. 


     1.  You are sixteen-year-old female.  A few weeks after a wild party you realize that you are two weeks late for your period. You go to the drugstore and buy a pregnancy test upon using you find out you are pregnant.  You don’t really want to tell your parents so you tell your boyfriend first. He makes it clear that he doesn’t want it and he tells you to get rid of it.  You must make a choice will you have an abortion or not.

    2.  You are a youth pastor at a small church.  One day a girl in your youth group brings one of her friends to your Wednesday meeting. After the meeting is over the girl asks you what your point of view is on it and what the bible says about it.  What will you say to her?

     3.  You are a young mother pregnant for the first time. During one of your prenatal test the doctor notices something isn’t right with the child.  He runs another test and finds out that your child is going to have a debilitating disease.  He says that some people in similar circumstances abort the child. You live on one income and have no insurance.  What will you do?

    4.  You are a young mother who is pregnant with her first child. You are bipolar, diabetic, and have high blood pressure.  If you were to carry a child you would have to go off of your lithium causing you to have violent mood swings and behave irrationally. The other medicines you are taking would most likely cause a birth defect.  Will you chose to carry the child or not?